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Check-list for unsatisfactory discussions

Check-list for unsatisfactory discussions
 1.  Have I listened actively?
 2. Have I approached the patient with empathy?
 3. Was the setting appropriate (place, time, situation, climate)?
 4. Did I drive it from considerations of time-pressure?
 5. Did I take account of all of the messages?
 6. Did I use the correct questions techniques?
 7. Did I give the patient the chance to ask questions?
 8. Was the discussion structured?
 9. Did I allow and correctly interpret pauses?
10. Was the "first button-hole" missed?
11. Did I interrupt or use "killer phrases"?
12. Did I use strategies for putting the patient down?
13. Was the patient overwhelmed by the discussion?
14. Did I not recognize anxiety, or did I induce it?
15. Were both our realities identical?
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Linus Geisler: Doctor and patient - a partnership through dialogue
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